Hatybov/Hatybow/weird Soviet Scientist

So let’s kick this off. First, who is Hatybov/Hatybow? I have found that this video is probably the best primer if you’re not familiar with this awesome, yet WEIRD, Soviet Union scientist.


The following information is taken from the website sagesigmaunbound

Instead of putting quotes on the majority of the page, I’ve decided to simply copy/paste the information that I thought was most critical. Anything you see in italics is my own words. Easy enough, eh?

{from A Soviet Styled Supersystem article}

Matter, as defined by the literature, is simply “feeling the reality of data” transmitted by the Megrez Arachnid Program. Matter is not “objective, nuts and bolts atoms and molecules”, but the interpretation of incoming information through our senses (vision, hearing, smell, touch, and intuition) and the processing of information through the biostructure’s brain. The biostructure’s brain is “trained” through its life cycle to learn to define its existence; a trained brain appropriately reads data, interprets data, and allows the data to generate and create the matter/reality around them.

Matter is divided into two groups: the natural state of matter and artificially created matter. *the article then describes the difference and it goes over my head; something to do with everything finding a ‘zero balance’ and the ever consistent changes that occur to ensure that matter, both natural and artificial, returns to this zero state…if I’m interpreting it correctly*


Our solar system was not as it used to be. The solar sun was part of a ‘great intervention’ and our current solar system is moving through space toward MEGREZ, or some other unknown objective known as “The Second Coming” WTF


Suffice to say, one can think of our Solar System as a closed system. Our reality and lives are defined by the parameters of our unique Solar System, and the information that generates matter and reality is built upon the cubic structure of eight unique Octaves. This Cube is exclusive to the Megrez Program that dictates reality in our Solar System; other Systems or clusters in the Cosmos would likely apply a different schema of Octave generation, distribution, and interpretation.


It is interesting to note the material states that our Solar Sun was not originally part of our ancient Solar System. Saturn could possibly have been our first Sun. *This is 100% at odds with the Bock material, which states that everything in our reality is/was created by our Solar Sun, and really puts over the Solar Sun as a benevolent force. For more on the Bock material google The Higherside Chats podcast and look for the episode on the Bock material.* 

THE CUBE – research cites a “cubic” structure that controls our reality. The Cube does indeed control and fabricate our reality, but it not necessarily a spaceship or control object that creates the world we live in.

Boundary of Solar System – There is no help available to us outside of the Solar System. There is no help available to us outside of the Solar System, as any outside assistance is prevented by the Megrez Arachnid Supersystem. Gravity begins to accelerate as you approach the boundary of the Solar System. The material hints that, external to our Solar System, reality is something very different than what we know to be observed as reality. Perhaps, at the very least, “it” (it being whatever it exists outside of the boundaries of our Solar System) wants nothing to do with us.


Hatybov and the Gnostics

There is apparently much commonality with the two.

Gnostics – planets are referred to as Archons by the ancients

The planets and Solar Sun are the source of the base Octave series that in turn creates a unique time series that is used to artificially create the balance of planets in the Solar System, the biostructures that inhabit the artificially created planets, and the artificial material reality that surrounds and encompasses the planets. Nothing can escape this reality that this so called Demiurge has initiated, nor can anything external to this reality penetrate the domain of the Demiurge. The Demiurge is indeed our false god, our fabricator of our existence, and the true “god”, if such a thing existed, ultimately id indifferent to you and I.

Perhaps in the past, Saturn was the Demiurge; at some point of the past, a new “Archon” displaced Saturn. The Demiurge is the Archon know as the Solar Sun, and since that time, has provided the basis of time for a new material reality to be programmed into our Solar System. Regardless, the source Archon or planet sets the time cycle of Octaves, or frequencies. Various satellites and other unique planetary bodies also emit Octaves into the enclosed space of our Solar System. Working in conjunction with one another, the Octave wavelengths meet and interfere with one another at engineered points in the enclosed system Solar System. The interference of any combination of various Octaves, in turn, create you, me, our brains, the coffee cup on my desk, plants, animals, and everything else that we perceive as a matter.


{from The Hatybov High Strangeness Hypothesis article}


The Solar Sun defines the interval of time. The Solar Sun, as previously mentioned, is an artificially created planet that emits a “magnetic pulse of 128 Octave” per its outer layer. The 128 Octave is equivalent to 1 second of time (critical to the analysis, and key to the discussion of Octaves). The Sun therefore emits a magnetic pulse, or the “gravitational potential”  to our planet’s noosphere (or biosphere/atmosphere/brain of the planet) and the 1 second synchronizes all metabolic systems, all autonomous Land Management System control systems, all and all communication systems between the Earth, the Lunar Moon, and other planetary Satellite bodies of the Supersystem. Easy enough, yes? For the time being, however, let’s just state that this is ultimately what the planet Sun accomplishes:

The Sun generates a magnetic pulse, equal to Octave 128, that sets the standard of time equal to 1 second. The cycle of 1 second is then used to manage reality (more on that a bit), control systems, and communication systems of the Supersystem.

As mentioned previously, time as a function of 1 second, which in turn creates a division of time common to us all as 60 seconds, 60 minutes, 24 hours, and months, is a consequence of the great Intervention of 18500 BC. This unnatural time has many ill effects on biostructures on planet Earth as Earth was not originally designed to accommodate this time system.


An octave is a wave with two cycles per second


The material of alleged scientist Hatybov states that the dodeca-icosahedral structure is the optimal/original building base of the Cosmos. The dodeca – icosahedral structure provides for a full of exchange of information for any exchange schemes needed.  If God(s), AI, the Abyss, etc… had a sandbox with some unit of time, this would be the prima material form; the dodeca-icosahedral structure allows for the return on some array of information to manifest in material form, as we observe it.  This is the Creator’s basis of material construction, whatever the Creator is or is implied to be.


Upon the Great Intervention of mid 18000 BC, the guests destroyed and laid to waste the existing Land Management System, (implied to be dependent 100% on the manipulation and formation of Octave data into the dodeca-icosahedral matter formations ), and in turn rebuilt this LMS with their own set of controls and forms.  In order to complete this tasks, the Megrez Arachnid Program used a possibly simpler Platonic solid, the  cubic form, as both the basis of translating information, as well as setting the upper limit to the visual manipulation of matter to Octave 64 (8×8).

The base eight Octave series, again, is a return to the idea of the eight musical tones/notes/information bytes unique to this reality.  The series, as I speculated here, is ultimately attached to the eight corners of a cube.  The series is:

DO – RE – MI – FA – SOL – LA – TI – NA

Each note appears to be attached or attracted to a corner of a cubic structure, or possibly represents the basis of creation of a cubic structure; the creation of the limited/visual matter from the unlimited/highly organized plasma. Data is no longer permitted access to the 12 faced / 20 vertices dodecahedral shape, but now limited the 6 faced/ 8 cornered cubic structure.  This restricts both the boundary of the materialization of matter  to 64 Octave as well as prevents the “full exchange of information for any exchange scheme” requested by the Universe’s original design.

Simulation of Reality Subsequent to the Great Intervention – the Possible Altered Design of Our Cosmos

  • A unit of measure of time was generated by the Solar Sun in our unique closed Solar System
  • A series of eight, unique Octaves is generated by the Megrez Arachnid Program
  • The base Octave of Earth’s time is represented by Octave 128
  • This set of eight, unique Octaves, in turn, generated a return on strictly organized plasma by building up matter from the dodeca-icosahedral structure by placing a cubic structure over the dodecahedron shell 
  • Matter and Program informational transfer is limited to  6 faces and 8 vertices and attempted to be transferred to the imprisoned dodecahedral/icosahedral structure


So the incompatibility of our original ‘true’ reality and the introduction of the Solar Sun and being ‘put in the cube’, has potentially created consequences like the following…


  • Create the materialization of incomplete biological beings
  • Ghosts, poltergeists, spirits, wraiths, would all possible
  • Allow for time increases/decreases in unique population groups
  • The clock tied to biological shirts could be momentarily increased/decreased due to a change in the Sun’s magnetic pulse
  • The superposition of objects in one unique place in time
  • The lizard in the stone, for instance, would be attributable to a glitch created by the Sun
  • Other fortean phenomenon related to unique geographical areas
  • Unique zones of the LMS and the underlying complex/triangle control mechanisms would alter “reality” with a change/material variance in the signal produced by the Solar Sun

The Solar Sun, as speculated upon in the material of Hatybov, is the driver to all of this.

This could add to the theory that there really is zero time, or infinite time, and that the Solar Sun is creating the false sense of time that we feel in this reality as it is today. 


The Solar Sun is a planet that is foreign to our reality, creates time that is unnatural to the human condition, and provides for a limited Octave series that constructs the cubic structure/fabric of reality.


Wait a second…speaking of ‘the cube’…in Kubrick’s 2001 Space Odyssey there is central theme/prop of a black cube and it’s mysterious influence on humans since the neanderthal times. Could he have been trying to tell us about this same cube? WTF


Once more, the cube is back. This time, the cube is the less complex Platonic solid that encompasses the more complex dodeca-icosahedral structure.  The imprisonment has violated the structure of the true basis of the Universe, and in turn, enslaved humanity and the limited the world that we live in.

Lastly, the work accounts for the idea of paranormal.  The material is stating that observations of the paranormal are outcomes of two systems of data, defined by unnatural time, attempting to be forcibly merged together for the benefit of a select few.  The next time you see Sasquatch crawling out of a portal in the Utah desert while UFOs are flying overhead, just remember that you have the Sun and the Cube to thank for that (or at the very least, per Hatybov’s possible estimation).


{from Planet Earth as a Component of the Megrez Program Part 1 article}


Why is the Earth necessary?  In connection with the Sun, the Lunar Moon, and satellites of the other planets in our Solar System, the Earth exists to support the creation of a biological structure that meets the full requirements of the Megrez Arachnid program.


As hinted on in a previous article at my old site, is it possible that evidence of a Flat Earth is simply a carryover of the planet’s reality and fabrication in space time prior to the Great Intervention?  Is it possible that observations made on our planet hinting at the possibility of Flat Earth / Spherical Earth are ultimately dependent on the observer’s perspective at some given point in time and at some unique geographical location wherein the overriding rules of the overriding program are in error or at odds?


The essence of nature, human existence, the material world, economics, weather, human perception, spring, summer, and everything in between, all fit neatly within 4 unique grills of frequencies and various heights and driven by a program that dictates software requests via information sent via Octaves via the Lunar Moon, Solar Sun, and other planetary satellites to a labyrinth of control mechanisms below the Earth.

As defined by the Russian Academy of Sciences website, the noosphere is a concept predicated on two parts: the “diachronic continuity of matter and synchronic unity of the material world.”  I am by no means pretending to be an expert on the concept of the noosphere (I will most certainly research the original tenets of the concept for a comparative analysis to the works of Hatybov in the future), but for the time being, my initial understanding of the concept of the noosphere is that the mind and physical appearance/nature of the Earth are connected.  The mind is directly developing as a function of the material world that surrounds it, and in turn manipulates the future development of the material world. Collective humanity and its inherent collective intelligence creates ideas that act as a force of nature, and the world that surrounds us all is impacted by this force.


Hmmmmm…so if our minds can be manipulated to think a certain way, accept reality a certain way, then our existence then changes to fit that narrative????


  1. The Megrez Archanid program hacked into the existing noosphere of humanity/Earth that existed prior to the Great Intervention for its own parasitic benefit
  1. The Megrez Archanid program generated the noosphere as a means of management, control, and regulation of the planet and its inhabitants after the Great Intervention for said parasitic benefit



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